500 Error fixed, but now what?

Hi, we installed the Patreon Plugin v1.4.9 recently, and it immediately locked us out of our Wordpress dashboard and gave us a 500 error. We had to manually delete the plugin folder via FTP to gain access again. We would still like to use the plugin but we’re unsure what the compatibility problem actually was. Can anyone provide any pointers on what to check for?

I cannot reproduce this with latest version Wordpress and the plugin.

It may be that you turned on image locking feature before and did not turn it off before uninstalling?

Error logs in your web host may show what happened - you can check it via your control panel or put a support ticket for your host.

Thanks. I will check our error logs.

To clarify, the 500 error happened at the same moment we clicked to install the plugin. We didn’t get the opportunity to change any settings as the 500 error happened immediately and we were locked out of the dashboard. We only regained access once we deleted the Patreon plugin folder via FTP.

Is image locking a Patreon plugin feature? If so, this cannot be the answer, as the 500 error happened before we could get to the plugin settings screen.

Where are you hosting your WP site?

I too had this issue, and will be removing the plug-in via ftp to get access again to my Wordpress Dashboard. Since I see no resolution on this thread as to why there was an issue, I will not be re-installing the plug in.