Incompatibility between Patreon Wordpress plugin and Wordpress

Yesterday I attempted to install a recommended plugin, “Patreon Wordpress by Patreon,” on my Wordpress(.org) site, and it gave me a white screen. Since the error prevented my access to the dashboard, I called my hosting company, and tech support said the plugin had generated a “500” error. They disabled the plugin, which allowed me to regain access to my Wordpress dashboard so I could remove the plugin.

Before posting this message, I read similar topics here and verified that I’d attempted to install the latest version of the “Patreon Wordpress by Patreon” plugin, downloaded from the plugin directory in Wordpress.

I plan to launch my Patreon on 1 October and could definitely use the functionality the plugin confers. What are your suggestions?

Thank you.

This is indeed very curious. Has your host told you what particular error was encountered?

You can also check that error in the error log section of your host’s control panel.

Has your host told you what particular error was encountered? <<

On Tuesday, tech support said it was a “500” error. I contacted them a couple hours ago re: the error log. There were a number of errors recorded on the log, and tech support was just about to put me through the exercise of downloading and installing the Patreon Wordpress plugin again so they could watch as the error(s) unfolded when my phone connection with them was broken. I tried calling back, got put on hold, and reached another tech support person in time to be disconnected again. I don’t have time to pursue it today, as I’m headed out to an author event. I hope to reach tech support tomorrow and will email you when I have something else to report.

~ Suzanne

If you can just copy/paste however much you can from that error log, and mail it to me at, its possible that i can just spot the relevant error in it without you having to do the reinstall process again.

If you can attach the entire log if its not big, that’s all the better.

codebard, did you receive the .txt file I sent on Friday with the section of the error log?

Yes, however there doesnt seem to be any error or issue in it related to Patreon WordPress.

What is visible is however, your theme is likely not compatible with your PHP version, and creates a lot of warnings.