500 Internal Error When Deactivating Plugin

I deactivated the Patreon plugin on my test site and it brought the whole site down. 500 internal error.

I’ve deleted and made the test server 4 times (from my live main site) and deactivating the plugin causes it to 500 internal error everytime

Do you have Patron Pro or any other Patreon plugins?

Cant reproduce this issue with WP 5.3.2 and PW 1.4.8.

If you have turned on Image locking feature, you can try turning it off before you deactivate the plugin.

I tried that. I turned it off and then tried. Still got the 500 internal error.

Ok, then its rather clear:

After turning off image feature, try visiting your ‘Permalinks’ menu and clicking ‘Save’ once to try to force WP to refresh rewrite rules.Then you should be able to deactivate the plugin without issues.

If you contacted your web host to have those rules added, then they may have a setup that prevents auto-adding and removal of htaccess rules. In that off-chance case, you may want to contact your host with this information.

Well, like I said. there was an issue with the Plugin. And deactiviging crashed my server. Luckily I have my host fixing the .htaccess right now.

It seems that your host does not allow plugins to modify .htaccess files. You may want to confirm that with them.