Patreon server issues blocking my site

I’m sure everyone is aware of the payments processing issues over the past few days, but I just noticed that apparently due to my having the WP plugin installed, my entire personal website is now inaccessible while Patreon is in maintenance mode.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening, short of deactivating the plugins? In any case, I can’t even access my WP admin console to even deactivate the plugins while this is going on…

hi tom. this was fixed with Patreon WordPress’ 1.2.3 version 2 days ago. Just update to 1.2.3 and this issue will go away.

For what it is worth, I’d already upgraded prior to the error occurring today…

You have this issue with 1.2.3 which you got from WordPress repository?

Investigating via email, it seems tom may have had 1.2.2 or earlier when this issue had happened.

If anyone else is certain that they have 1.2.3 and still having this issue please let us know.

Ok, both of the people who experienced these issues seem to be Patron Pro users.

If you are a Patron Pro user and if you still have 1.2.3 and you are experiencing this issue, just delete Patreon WordPress 1.2.3 you have, and re-install from your WP plugin admin. This will make the issue go away.