Patreon WordPress 1.2.3 (hotfix) is out

1.2.3 was published at the time of this posting to address a particular issue:

When Patreon was in maintenance mode and the plugin needed to refresh:

  • creator’s access token
  • user access token
  • user Patreon details

It would attempt to contact Patreon API, get a return with http status code 200 which was not a JSON.

This caused the plugin to immediately print out the non JSON return from Patreon API and die out.

Result was that some users would see Patreon maintenance page appearing on WP website, without being able to use the other features of their WP website.

Hotfix addresses this issue. Just upgrading to this version should make it go away.

Even after applying the hotfix and refreshing my token, new Patrons are getting this error when trying to log in:

Have I missed something on my end? Or does this have to do with the fact that @patreonstatus is saying on Twitter that there is an on-going issue with “Payment processing is still slower than normal” ?

The above behavior is how it should have been - if an issue is encountered, it should have been reported to the user in this form.

Now, the message there means that the plugin is contacting Patreon API from your site and connection is timing out.

This may be due to a few things. One is Patreon API being down at that time. Another is your web host or your own server blocking connections. This could happen if there is a firewall that blocks the connection.

If this issue persists, first check if Patreon API is reported to be down:

…and if not, then please first contact your host to make sure Patreon API is not being blocked.

It does not appear to be on our web host or server’s end, because Patreons who subscribed last month are able to access the content. It’s only the brand new people who tried to subscribe yesterday that are getting this message.

(also, that status page makes things look like everything is generally OK, but the comments on Twitter paint a very different picture)

Same issue as PoseGallery. We updated the plugin to 1.2.3 but no one can unlock our content (including my testing account). Sometimes it shows timeout, sometimes it just loop back to unlock screen without showing any warning or error. Very frustrating.

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Such silent failures when trying to log in with 1.2.3 are a side effect of the hotfix - when Patreon API times out or shows maintenance page, there is no message. These issues come from the work being done on Patreon infrastructure rather than your own WP website or the plugin.

Next week i will look into a way to make the plugin show messages for such situations in a convenient manner.

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Does the plugin work for you? Any tip on how to troubleshot this to know if the problem is really the Patreon API being down?

I ran a few tests on a test site, it just worked for me. Its possible that i chanced up at a time interval in which API didnt have any timeout issues.

No luck yet. The tokens are alright, but all I get with my testing account is a loop back to the unlock page.

[04-Feb-2019 13:28:40 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: check_user_email in /var/www/html/play/wp-content/plugins/patreon-connect/classes/patreon_login.php on line 209
[04-Feb-2019 13:28:40 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: created in /var/www/html/play/wp-content/plugins/patreon-connect/classes/patreon_login.php on line 19
[04-Feb-2019 13:28:40 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: created in /var/www/html/play/wp-content/plugins/patreon-connect/classes/patreon_wordpress.php on line 165
[04-Feb-2019 13:28:41 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: iframe in /var/www/html/play/wp-includes/kses.php on line 933

Our players are very angry since they couldn’t play the whole weekend. We really need to find a way to discover what the real issue is. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Those are not relevant to whatever issue you are having. the last one is not related to PW or Patreon either.

Can you arrange me an admin user/pass on your site to check it out. Mail to please - and no other email or any other user. That account should be deleted after debugging is done.

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Sent. Other info that can be relevant. When we go to Patreon Clients & API Keys, the tokens are refreshed as soon as we select the client (we don’t click the refresh button!). It seems like the tokens are changing all the time.

I just went in, created a $1 post and tried to unlock with my own Patreon testing account. I received a 500 internal server error at Patreon API.

Testing on a fresh WP installation on another location, i got a curl timeout error indicating that Patreon API timed out.

These issues pertain to Patreon API and not to the plugin or your site. I think that they are due to ongoing work at Patreon regarding the payment issue.

Nothing we can do in the meanwhile? How do we directly contact Patreon’s API developers to discuss this?

Patreon API team is aware of the situation and everyone is working on it. I’ll bring your feedback to the attention of the team today as well.

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