Patrons are getting error message when login in to view connect on WP site

I don’t understand why this is happening it was working fine 24 hours ago. Please help. We would love to let our patrons to be able to access content via our website.

I was getting this problem too… I found that often the Patreon Plugin API does not update what the Patreon API updates.

Have you tried re-connecting your site to patreon via the Patreon Settings on your Wordpress site?

  • Make sure your Patreon Plugins are up to date first

Can be found in the Patreon Settings then click the Reconnect Site button followed by the confirm button…

If it says it cannot reconnect:

  • Click on the link to the API page it will say ‘your app/clients page’
  • Expand the (API V2)
  • On your Wordpress page goto Patreon Plugin Pro settings
  • Click the Patreon API Tab
  • Update Info that does not match your API details… normally the Acces & Refresh Token
  • Click Save
    If that did not solve the issue…
  • Go back to Patreon Settings on your Wordpress site (The standard One)
  • Click Recconnect Site
  • Click Confirm Reconnection
  • Then click Let’s Start Button
  • Click Allow (It will hang for a few seconds)

If these do not work it is beyond the scope of my assistance apologies. Good Luck!

GMD Online is not a tech support just a friendly neighbourhood patreon creator of Roleplaying games trying to help you out… :innocent:

This message is shown when a user is already registered in the WP site with the same email with which s/he is trying to login via Patreon.

If the Patreon email is not verified, then the plugin cannot automatically link the two accounts due to security reasons. So this error is shown.

If the patron logs into the WP account first and then uses ‘Unlock with Patreon’, that should work.