Image Protect breaks picture loading

Hi dear Dev Team, using the official plugins including the paid Pro version from Codebard.

When I delete the related code in htaccess file, all pictures will be shown correctly - but of course the Patreon Image Protect is then disabled. When I put the code into htaccess file back in, all the images on the side in frontend and backend start acting weird and do not load correctly. Please help as I can’t use the site and plugin that way and protect my images.

Thank you!

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Right. This kind of issue may result from the plugin not being able to determine the attachment id of an image based on the image url.

Are there any other image related plugins at your site? One may be modifying things related to attachments.

Is there a chance to find out what exactly?
I had Imagify installed but deleted it. Maybe this broke it somehow?
I disabled every other plugin there is, trying for weeks now and the only thing that works is disabling the feature and change the htacccess back.

Can I provide you with admin credentials so you can check? Thank you

Disabling every plugin but PW and then re-enabling plugins one by one should help investigate any conflict.

But if you have disabled all plugins and yet this is still happening, it may be because a plugin left a code in htaccess or image related folders ( uploads/ and subfolders). That must be manually investigated.

Also caching plugins and server-side caching may cause stale, old state of images to be shown - if they get involved with images.

CDNs like Cloudflare also may get involved in images. If you have Cloudflare and always on etc, images may be being cached.

Caching is not an issue, I can bypass CDN directly and have the same issue. Only when I delete the code in the htacccess and disable the feature it instantly works again - that tells me caching and CDN is not a problem, I deactived it and still same issue.

I really an at the end of everything I know and need that feature to work as it is a important feature, otherwise the patreon only pictures are not protected and the site is useless.

What can I do? Deactivated all the plugins and even changed themes, nothing changed

can I please get support - my site is broken and I can’t use it. The problem is the Patreon Plugin Image Lock htaccess file and no one, not my hoster or some other support can assist me here. Please I need support here, thank you

At this point you will need to check your host’s logs and see if there are any errors related to the processing of these images.

Because, if the htaccess code active, then images are being directed to serve via PHP, and with some hosts that may cause problems in specific cases.

Image lock feature works with a reference installation in a standard cPanel host that uses Apache and PHP-FPM. So there doesnt seem to be a specific issue with image feature as we know, therefore it has to be related to your environment.

You may also try asking your host whether these specific htaccess rules are supported.

Thanks. There are no errors in the host log present. I have an open case on my hosters side but they say, it’s the plugins problem - they have no restrictions on the htaccess rules and everything should work fine. Can you please help me and provide support?

Did you check your site’s PHP memory settings? It must be as large as your average PHP script size and largest image.

Where are you hosted?

I have support tickets on 4 different ends - here on Patreon Developers, the Sucuri CDN, my hoster and the Theme creator. All have the same info and no one was able to find an error or solution.

I hired a web developer and he found the problem, the plugin “patreon-connect” uses wrong variable and therefore creates this phenomen when the default Wordpress caching is enabled. Beware! All other caching solutions and plugins were deactived, granted, there might be remains, but lets be clear here - everyone with a performant wordpress site uses some sort of chaching plugin at one point.

Long story short, and with a note from my web developer who found the error in the plugin code, the $attachment_id = ‘’ is wrong, it should be $attachment_id == ‘’ - He has changed it and the Patreon Plugin inlcuding Image Protect works flawlessy - I know could even reactive all my chaching and Lazy Load options for the website and it still is working.

So every picture broke randomly all 60 seconds, because the wrong value got cached for the 60 seconds. As soon as a visitor has triggered the picture, it was available for 60 seconds to all others. Again, error in the code and he fixed the plugin code.

I’m looking for financial compensation here. Also looking through other posts on this forum and in the web, this behaviour got triggered by a lot of users using WP Rocket or JetPack or WC3 Chaching plugin - the frustration of this behaviour was insane and the amount of people involved from four different parties (mentioned initially) was ridicolous.

Which particular ‘Wordpress caching’? There isnt an inherent caching mechanism in Wordpress, it is effected through plugins.

Indeed there is a check in the typo which must be fixed. However that doesnt cause any issues with a reference installation, even while using a caching plugin like WP Super Cache.