Images don’t import!

Hey I’m trying to connect my Patreon account with my WordPress site, but the images in my posts just don’t import at all. They’re not in my media library, not in the posts, not in featured images, nothing. They just never show up. I’ve even deleted all posts and re-imported many times, but nothing happens still. I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the plugin, and upgraded to the latest versions 9of the plugin and WP). Can anybody help me?

Have you did a post import before? Did the images come in fine then?

I just followed the directions in the preferences. The posts come in fine (except the post dates aren’t Synced), but no images show up whatsoever. They never have, and I’ve tried like 10 times. Kinda tough when my Patreon is for photography. :confused:

Are the images inside post content coming in, or they are not coming in as well?

Nope. No images whatsoever.

If you have any plugins that modify images or do anything with images (resizers, thumbnail creators etc) you can try disabling all of them and running a post import.

If that does not address the situation, contacting your web host and asking whether there is any configuration at your host that involves images or downloading remote files exists. Especially some security features may interfere with such operations.Or a feature that prevents plugins from writing to certain folders.

Posts coming in shows that your site can contact Patreon api so that’s not a concern. Therefore the main concern is getting the images and saving them from Patreon.

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I just disabled all of my plugins, disconnected my Patreon account, the reconnected and imported. Same story. No images imported at all, but all the posts are there. :confused:

At this point some situation with the hosting setup can be suspected. Directory permissions of the uploads/media folders, the media folder setup and so on. Server config may play a part as ell.

Also are your media folders set to organize by date or they are just in uploads/ folder?

Hi, i have the same problem right now. I just disabled all of my plugins, disconnected my Patreon account, the reconnected and imported. Same story. No images imported at all, but all the posts are there.
My media folders are set to organize by personal structure.
Another case is my image lock doesnt work too, I miss my pics if I turn on mode and save the permalinks not resolve the problem, now I have the image lock in off mode and all my pics are right but the plugin donot import my patreon images.

Do you have any plugins that modify images?

Where are you hosted?

I have Jetpack plugin and hosted in

Image locking feature never worked, or it just stopped working?

Also, can you try disabling Jetpack fore a few minutes to check if it changes anything?

I was having the same issue and I finally figured it out.

On Patreon, when you create a post and want to include an image, you have 2 choices (maybe more, I am very new to Patreon). If you choose ‘Image’ when creating the post, you add an image or more and then can type in caption. These kinds of post get imported into WordPress, but the images do not. If you create a ‘Text’ post, you can then add an inline image. This kind of post gets imported and the image is included.

I don’t know if this worked before in previous verisons, as I just started and am using the plugin for the first time. There are 5 different kinds of post types on Patreon when creating a new post. Is Text the only kind that imports correctly/completely? Or should they all work?


Image locking never has worked.
Dissable Jetpack plugin and still the same.
The posts are imported always without pictures. It must be imported all the patreon images too to my library? Or
Is there any option in your plugin for link the images directly to Patreon without import for safe the space in my server?

Importing the featured image in image post types at Patreon was not there due to api not providing that information. In future if it does get provided, we can make the plugin import it as well.

The details of how posts are imported is in the post import feature info post in the forum. Anything inside post content should be imported.

@Alan_Wolf First you should contact your host and ask whether they support .htaccess files. They may be running a nginx webserver.

Yes, my hosting support .htaccess files and nginx webserver.

Where are you hosted? Nginx doesnt directly support .htaccess files. If they are using nginx, they may have a special utility to effect/translate .htaccess rules to nginx rewrite rules.

If you are hosted at WPEngine, try contacting them - they have a utility to translate .htaccess rules to nginx.

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I’m hosted with MediaTemple. It looks like they do offer .htaccess support.

But it looks like the Image post vs Text post seems to be the problem. I embedded a photo between paragraphs on a post, did a fresh re-import and voila! There it is. In the post and in my Media Library.

So, okay, now that I’ve identified the problem and a workaround, do I really have to manually update all 56 of my posts to have the images in the body and not the header?? And do I lose the captions?

I wish I would have known this months ago when I first installed the plugin. :confused:

In the post sync feature’s post in the forum, it is mentioned that importing featured images in image post types are not yet supported due to that info not coming from the api. It would be possible when api supports this. Images in post content in all post types are supported however.

For the time being you can try manually importing images. In the coming month or two, this situation with featured images in image post types may change.