Workaround if images won't import

As many others I got also the Problem to import all images from my own Patreon. Mine just imported partly … but before digging around for days into this I found a creepy but working “workaround” for this issue.
I did a backup from my own Patreon with a Chrome extension

I mean it is super creepy because … just think about it… but It did the job. Btw. it worked with chrome and not with MS Edge (chrome based).



Some images imported then? Can you check those images and see if they have a common property among them? Ie, all of them are below a certain size/resolution etc?

at this point I had around 100 posts with image galleries, all post titles and text got imported but only around 10 with some images. It never imported more than 3 images from a gallery post.
Before I’m uploading images I am normally optimizing the files to have max 2160px high and compress them in photoshop (export for web, value around 60). Otherwise, the Patreon Website feels to slow with bigger files in galleries with 20 pictures or so. This was one of the main reasons to put everything on a separate website, with better galleries, better ui and use your plugin to connect the site to Patreon.

Ah - image post type at Patreon is not supported yet. Ie, if there is an image post type at Patreon with a featured image, that image wont be imported. But any post with any image inside it, will get those images within the post text imported.

Good to know. I assure that 90% of the Post regarding Import Problems might be derived from this. So it should be mentioned on the plugin page.