Non-Image-Post Images not importing

I recently added this plugin (v1.6.0) and started an import… and it only seems to import featured images from Image posts on Patreon. Even though every Audio post has a cover art image as well, this plugin doesn’t seem to be grabbing those like it should.

The plugin will attempt to add the first detected image inside a Patreon post’s content as the featured image. Cover images and the like in different post types are not supported yet.

Do you have added images inside your post content in other posts and they are not being set as featured images?

Thanks for the follow-up!

I’m a musician… like, 99% of the graphic content I post is cover art for audio uploads. So until this plugin is grabbing those and creating a featured WP image, it’s really not that useful… tho I can definitely see its potential once it’s set up for something other than visual artists. Any estimate on when it’ll be able to grab cover art from audio posts?

Work must be done at Patreon in api side to have api return info on cover images for audio posts. Until that happens, there is nothing we can do from plugin side. So until that happens, it wont be possible, im afraid. When this may happen, or whether this may happen, i cant say. Best option may be contact them and ask.

Ah, so… never. :wink: I’ll drop them a line, but given the speed with which Patreon implements stuff, backtracks, then tries again maybe… I ain’t holding my breath. Thanks for the clarification!

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You were able to get featured images to auto-fill from Patreon’s “Image” post type? Using v1.8 here, doesn’t seem to happen… Most other forum posts I’ve found on here also have @codebard saying image import for image post types isn’t even possible, just inline pics?

Yes, currently the api does not support featured images.