Post text is imported, most images are not, and video URLS are not


When I run the initial import, it creates all my posts from Patreon in my Wordpress site, but it only transfers a handful of the hundreds of images I have from posts that have inline images and no images from Image posts. Additionally, the video URL posts (about half of them) do not transfer/have the video URL in the Wordpress post. Basically it’s just transferring text for each post, and like 5-8 images in total for all posts (out of around 800). It doesn’t transfer the post tags or teaser description for the posts, either.

There’s no problems displaying in my host check and there’s no errors in the log.

I have installed and uninstalled the plugin several times, enabled/disabled image locking, saved permalinks page, and the above still happens, no changes other than sometimes the amount of images it gets is slightly more (+ 2 to 5 images).

Any idea what the issue might be or what I could try to make it work?

Anyone have any ideas? :slight_smile: Or am I just misinformed about what the plugin is expected to do?

Unfortunately featured images in post types and attachments are not supported by the api yet. So they cant be imported.

You can open a support ticket with this request at to help tracking this request.

Alright - although the plugin is inconsistent with how many images it downloads that are within the post text itself, too. Sometimes it gets all of them and sometimes it just gets half of them, but it doesn’t show any errors in either case.