Getting video content imported


I’ve recently installed and connected the Patreon Wordpress plugin to a client’s site. The posts all imported, and after adding the necessary client id, secret key, and tokens the patreon widget now shows up as well. The issue is only the title and description text for the episodes was added - no video. In their Patreon posts they embed YouTube videos. My question: do I need to upgrade to the API v2, or is there a setting they need to be changing in their YouTube privacy settings to allow these embedded videos to begin showing, or is there something else I am missing in order to allow these videos to populate in the Patreon posts?

Thank you for your time

Yep, unfortunately since the api yet does not support attachments, featured image and similar info, automatically importing those is not possible yet. If they did not come automatically in the post content, they need to be done manually for now.

When api starts supporting these fields, then it will be possible to import them automatically. When that happens you could just re-import all posts and they would update.

Thank you for confirmation on these details. I look forward to the continued development of this plugin. Take care

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