Images and videos not transferring from Patreon to Wordpress only text

Is there some simple setting which I have missed which will allow images ( and youtube video windows) to be transferred from my patreon posts to my wordpress posts? Should I reinstall?

Thx Rory

If the image is inside your post content, it should be synced to your WP site’s post content unless there is anything interfering with images at your WP site. Youtube video embeds should come in as they are as well.

I’m having the same issue and I’m sort of confused about what’s going on.

Does this mean that images should be imported along with the text post, or is it trying to sync to a pre-existing matching post on the WP site? I’ve got a ton of posts, mostly images, and it’s going to be a huge pain if I have to bring them over manually.

Images inside the post content should be imported. Images that are attachments that were uploaded separately to the post would not come in via the sync.

If i create an ‘Image post’ and upload images, should they sync?