Images and videos not transferring from Patreon to Wordpress only text

Is there some simple setting which I have missed which will allow images ( and youtube video windows) to be transferred from my patreon posts to my wordpress posts? Should I reinstall?

Thx Rory

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If the image is inside your post content, it should be synced to your WP site’s post content unless there is anything interfering with images at your WP site. Youtube video embeds should come in as they are as well.

I’m having the same issue and I’m sort of confused about what’s going on.

Does this mean that images should be imported along with the text post, or is it trying to sync to a pre-existing matching post on the WP site? I’ve got a ton of posts, mostly images, and it’s going to be a huge pain if I have to bring them over manually.

Images inside the post content should be imported. Images that are attachments that were uploaded separately to the post would not come in via the sync.

If i create an ‘Image post’ and upload images, should they sync?

The images inside the post content would. The main image likely wouldnt (especially for old posts). Attachments also wouldnt.

Hi, I am a newbie to Patreon, and have linked my Patreon account with WP… and the single Patreon post has been imported / synced with my WP… without the YouYube Video.

What’s the problem?


Was the youtube video the main embed in the post?

Yes it is, it’s the sole embed in the post.

Currently the api does not provide detailed info like embeds, featured image and attachments, so these cannot be synced. If the video was put into the post’s text as an embed code, it would have come in. But as it is now, it wouldnt be synced.

Thanks for replying.

To clarify; if I use the video post option, the video will not sync with Wordpress… in order for a video to be synced, I would have to create a text post and embed the video into that?

Please advise.

Yes, that could work. You would need to try.

I would have hoped that you guys would know the technicalities instead of expecting customers to have to do their own testing.

I am playing with the idea of a pro WP plugin, but if the free one can’t handle simple sync and you guys don’t know the ins and outs, I’m not sure I’d want to spend the $.

Disappointed so far with Patreon, and I’ve hardly started.

Thanks anyway.

I’ve been having the same issue integrating my patreon posts on to my wordpress site. Specifically the videos that I’ve uploaded to patreon using the new patreon video hosting option. I no longer have access to the originals and there doesn’t seem to be a way to download my videos that have been uploaded. Not sure what to do at this point and I really don’t to have to use obs to screen record hundreds of hours worth of content.

Patron Plugin pro wont be able to import video posts either. Until the Patreon api supports it, that is not possible.

In the same manner, importing or linkin video posts will be possible only after the Patreon API supports them. In order to download your videos for now, try contacting Patreon support to see if there is a way to download them from the site.

Sort of defeats the point of video posts and sync doesn’t it.

When post sync was implemented, the video posts feature did not exist, but yes it does. For this to work, Patreon API must start supporting the needed fields so that the plugin can work with them.

OK; hopefully such ability is on the list not too far down the track.

Thanks anyway

I’ve written to Patreon several times and they still haven’t actually gotten back to me to solve the problem of videos not syncing to Wordpress… why can’t they simply get back to people within a reasonable time-frame? It’s been weeks since the last contact when they asked for screenshots, which have been sent.