Patreon WordPress post sync beta

We’re providing the post sync feature as beta via the forum.

Post sync feature automatically syncs your Patreon posts to your WP site. You can read the details here:

Beta package is available as downloadable plugin at dropbox:

Alternatively you can also get it from github if you prefer that:

To use this beta, just deactivate/delete your existing Patreon WordPress plugin. Then upload and activate the zip you downloaded from dropbox above, or github.

If you are prompted to upgrade your Patreon WordPress to 1.5.4, avoid upgrading. It will override the beta with the existing 1.5.4 version of the plugin which doesnt have post sync feature. You can just upgrade to 1.5.5 or 1.5.6 when post sync feature is out.

If you want to stop using the beta, you can deactivate/delete the beta you installed from the zip downloads above, and install and activate PW 1.5.4.

If you have any issues with the beta or if you have any suggestions, just update this thread.

Good luck!

Its going to be great to be able to have Patreon posts appear on my wordpress blog.
I just set it up and did the import. All the posts were imported, which is great, but it didn’t pull any of the images in. Is there a setting that I need to use?

Thats odd. Were the images added to the media library?

Also, in the post edit screen, do the image code appear when you view the post as plain html/code?

This isn’t working. It doesn’t pull the images across and it doesn’t seem to retain the ‘for patrons only’ setting, meaning that anyone can view the post.


Hi. It worked briefly but is now not working at all. It says integration is fine in the ‘Health check’ but it isn’t sending any posts across.
While it was working it seems that it doesn’t transfer images across if the original Patreon post was an IMAGE post. It does send images across if the image was an image placed into a TEXT post,.

But as I say, nothing happening now. Should re-install the plugin?


Just keep it as it is - pulling images from image post types may not be working as intended. It will be revised before release.

If your patron only posts has a locked tier, it should be copied as ‘patron only’. Currently tier matching is not possible because api doesnt return tier level info.

You just keep the feedback coming and i’ll look into what i can do before release.

Just did another (public) patreon post and it didn’t show up in Wordpress. I hit the ‘import’ button so see if it would manually pull it in but it hasn’t. Any ideas?

Hitting the import button to force an import would work in that particular case. How fast it would pull all posts would depend on how many posts you have. It currently imports 5 posts per every 5 minutes.

Your site’s cron must be working properly for that to function, of course.

Hi. The import didn’t work. What is ‘cron’ ? The health check says it is working but nothing comes through either when I import or when I post in Patreon. Am a little stuck with this now. Should I delete the plugin and start again?

Try deleting an already imported post which can be deleted at your site (a test post or a short post which can be reproduced, and re-importing again.

The post sync feature doesnt log its own errors to health check page yet so it wouldnt help at this point.

Did that and it said it was importing. Left it running overnight and it only imported one post which wasn’t even the latest.
One thing I have noticed is that posts that are for patrons only import and retain the Patrons Only thing but they email in their entirety to anyone who has signed up to the Wordpress blog. I can’t think of any way to protect that.

Yes, when you force a full re-import it will import all posts and create missing ones. And update the ones which can be found if you set it to on.

The latest post not being imported is a bit curious. Ill think about that.

The emailing situation is likely due to something set up at your site - an emailer which mails when a new posts are made probably. Thats not at Patreon or Plugin feature so you may be able to do something about that within that particular emailer plugin.

I wrote a new Patreon post today to see whether - after it pulling one through on am inport yesterday - it would automatically pull a new post through. No luck. A bit stuck as to know what to do now.


Auto-syncing of new posts without starting a new import involves Patreon contacting your site when a webhook (new post) triggers, and informing your site of the new post.

If Patreon is not able to contact your site due to any reason like your host filtering Patreon’s ip thinking that it was a bot or a security plugin or feature at your site preventing it, then the information will not come in.

You can contact your host and ask about this to make sure there is no such security feature that blocks such incoming connections and if so, get Patreon IPs whitelisted.

Interesting. So how do i find out what the Patreon IP address is that I need to whitelist?

Making a support ticket at your host and confirming that they have such security measures in place would be the way to start at this point.

Hi. I think I have fixed it. Used a plugin to put Patreon on a whitelist. Seems to be working.
Many many thanks for your help and patience on this. It is a great facility to have and I am pleased to have it working.
All the very best.

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Ah - if a plugin in your WP installation fixed it by whitelisting, then there must have been a plugin which was filtering connections - like Wordfence or another plugin.

Great to hear you fixed it. Just keep feedback coming if you have any at any point.

Hi. Posted twice on Patreon yesterday and neither of them have pulled through to Wordpress :frowning:

Its possible that Patreon webhook posts came from other Patreon IPs and got filtered.