Sync Feature Can't be Disabled

Hi. I’ve been designing a wordpress website and decided to integrate your PatreonWordpress plugin. I’ve managed to setup everything properly however plugin decided to sync my Patreon posts even though I’ve specifically skipped that step since I don’t want to use that feature. For some reason, even if the sync feature is disabled on the settings page, plugin still syncs the patreon feed. Tried to fiddle with plugin files, completely deleted it, re-installed it. The result stays the same. I can not disable the sync feature no matter what I do.

Somehow sync posts setting could have been set to on. Did you try turning that off from settings?

Yes, I’ve tried everything there is to do from the plugin settings. Even tried to manipulate plugin files to remove the code that adds the sync feature but that resulted in wordpress crashes. Had to re-download the original files and put them back to fix it. It would be great if there is a solution to this. Thank you for your interest by the way. Great plugin all-around if I don’t count the error I am facing currently.

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Can you try disconnecting Patreon from your WP admin entirely, and then reconnecting it? Then setting post sync to off?

I am trying it every couple of hours to see if its fixed. Its not working mate.

So even as you set syncing to off in settings, it just keeps syncing?

Does your host use opcache in their servers?

Yes. Thats exactly what is going on. As for the hosting provider, I will make sure to find out about opcache. Mind if I ask what can I do if they are using opcache?

Yes, you should ask them about opcache and any other caching they have - especially anything like Redis/Memcached or anything that may cache database.

If you are setting the setting to off and yet your site keeps syncing, something is noticeably amiss.

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