Patreon not syncing and my host can't find an issue

Cron is running fine.The server isn’t registering any issues. Siteground is saying it’s on Patreon’s end and asking for the IP addresses to run more tests. Please help.

Api works over address. So must resolve and the connections coming in from its reverse lookup must be allowed at any time. Cloudflare is Patreon’s CDN, so that may be something to take into account.

PW 1.6.1 is out now and it has manual post sync feature. You can manually import all your posts if you had issues with auto-importing them before. This should address any cron issues and connectivity issues.

Cool. I just did the update, but I don’t see where the manual post sync feature is.

Just click ‘Start an import’ in Patreon Settings at the bottom and it will transform.

My button says “import next batch” and when I click it, the message says “importing next batch” then “failed to import from Patreon”. But it says the connection is healthy.

“Failed to get posts from Patreon” or “Failed to import any post”?

Failed to get posts from Patreon

Are you able to unlock your content with a test patron account when you lock a post?

I made a test account, but I didn’t pledge anything. I can’t unlock any posts as a follower.

This means that either your host is filtering out Patreon connections, or a security plugin/feature at your site is doing the same, or Patreon is filtering out your host’s ips.

You can ask your host whether ips that come from domain are being filtered. Any IP that would reverse-resolve to must be allowed.

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