Wordpress Post Sync - no featured image

The Wordpress Post Sync feature works for me. However, the sync does not set a featured image for the post. Should that happen and, if not, is that a feature that will be implemented in the plugin?

This could be easily implemented, however the logic for setting a featured image for a post in WP is not clear cut: If there are more than 1 images in a Patreon post, which should be set as the featured image. If there is no image in a post, what happens. What if the site admin wants to set a specific, different image than the images contained in a post.

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I kinda like the idea of being able to have the patreon picture show up on my wordpress blog. The option would be nice for what I do. Is that possible now or do you have it in mind for a future update?

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Yes, an option to use a Patreon image as the featured image may be a good idea.


Hi, That was one of my question too. I understood that the image were supposed to sync on each blog post too from the pluging dev log 1.5.6. But it appears that they are not. So is that something I am missing on my end or this implemantation of “image post” from Patreon is not there yet?

I kinda got confused maybe between those 2 sentences, my english not being perfect and all.

  • All other post types at Patreon are currently synced with their title and content only
  • All images in any given post type is replicated to local media library and inserted into proper places in post content from WP media library

All my image are in my WP media library but there do not appear in my blog posts.

This “Image post” in patreon

This is how it show on my WP

I just want to know if this is normal :smiley:

And I was asking myself if the import plugins are supposed to work with Elementor or not before I make a mistake in my website^^

Second question.

When I import I cannot choose any category other than Uncategorized where am I supposed to change that? I have category in my Patreon but they don’t seem to show.

Thanks a lot guys! Other than that everything worked fine.

Yes, unfortunately the image post type is not fully supported yet - the api does not return the image info. Currently the plugin can extract every image inside a post and insert inside the imported post. But the image post as the image post type is not fully supported as in it does not pull in the actual, separate image that exists as the ‘image post’ itself. But all the images inside an image post text should come in.

To import to a different category, first you must have a category in Wordpress created, naturally. Ie, if you are importing to ‘posts’ at your WP site, visit the Posts menu and then in Categories submenu, create a category.Then that becomes selectable in import.

Thanks a lot guys! Other than that everything worked fine.

Our pleasure. Glad you liked it.

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You are amazing at your answers. All clear and understood.
Thanks a ton for this amazing plugin!

Will be looking forward to see how it develops further!

Your help is very appreciated!

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