Pictures aren't showing up

I updated the new plugin today and thought it said I would be able to see the pictures that were on our Patreon posts start to appear on our Wordpress blog posts. I made a couple of test posts to see how I could do it and I haven’t had any luck. The pictures don’t copy over onto the wordpress posts.

I made the necessary changes suggested in the settings / options too:

Set featured image from imported images

If Yes, the plugin will set the first image in an imported post as the featured image for the post. Recommended: Yes)

Can you help me? Thank you in advance.

Have you checked whether the images are in your media library?

For image import to work, your site should be able to contact Patreon, download the image, insert it to your media library, then insert it into your post.

If anything interferes, that may not happen. This can be due to various things ranging from your host’s or your site’s security features preventing your site from contacting Patreon to preventing it from downloading image to a plugin at your site interfering with image insertion or processing.

If you have a caching plugin or your host has a caching feature, that may also show the posts in their old cached state without images.

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I don’t see the image in my library. Let me contact my webhost and see what they are doing. Thank you!

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