Images not syncing Patreon-WP

The new sync function is bringing over my patreon posts to WP just fine, but none of the images are coming over.

Are the images not coming the ones from image posts? Do the images inside the content in posts come in?

None of the images are coming over. So when i create a new post, i add 1 single picture in the post, and then it syncs, and the post content (words) come over fine, but the picture does not. I already disconnected and reconnected with new keys and that did not work. Any ideas?

This could be due to a situation in your installation. Do you have any plugins related to images, media library, file downloads, security or similar?

I am experiencing this as well, and attachments aren’t coming over either.

Whats the IP address or range I can white list? I have a lockout attempts security feature and this may be preventing the images…

Ip range should not be relevant to the images though. If Patreon IPs are not filtered out, it should not be any problem. Especially if the posts themselves are coming. But you may check the public facing ip address of the url which serves the Patron only image from your post (just right click and c/p it to your browser to see the host) to whitelist it to try.