Patreon Plugin and Patreon Plugin Pro keeps importing posts after I've selected NOT to

Hello! I recently launched my Patreon account and last week installed the Patreon Plugin and Patreon Pro Plugin by Codebard on my WordPress website. Originally I had the option selected to YES to import posts from my Patreon to my website. But what happened was it continued to import the same four photos from one post over and over and over again, until I literally had over a thousand copies. It slowed down WordPress, my dashboard, everything. I took the time to delete every single photo, then deleted each post that was imported from Patreon, and then went to select NO to having posts sync up to the website, but it continues to import the same posts as well as several copies of the same photos from that one particular posts.

Now I just want to be able to NOT import any posts on Patreon, I want to be able to just create locked posts on my website. Please help!!!

Continuing to import posts despite being told no would be an oddity. Where did you set that exact setting?

The multiple image import problem (duplicates) was an issue that is addressed in the upcoming version. Its not out yet, but you can get it from the below thread early:

I deleted both the Patreon plugin and Patreon Pro plugin to start from scratch. I wanted to test something so I’ve only installed the Patreon plugin and haven’t reinstalled the Patreon Pro plugin. And it seems that the duplicating of images is due to the Patreon plugin because it’s happening again, reduplicating the same image from my last Patreon post over and over. Here are my settings. I turned OFF sync posts from Patreon but I have no way of turning OFF the Import Next Batch button. Suggestions please?

Also, I just tried to upload and activate the Pro plugin that you told me was created to fix the duplicate image issue and it won’t activate, this message came up.

I deleted both plugins again to start from scratch. Deleted the imported posts from Patreon and photos in Media Library. Uploaded the “duplicate image fix” plugin and it’s still duplicating images.

AND NOW when I try to create a new post in WordPress, I can’t click on Open in Elementor or Add Media or ANY other functions! What in the hell is going on?

I found the reason why the visual editor stopped working, it was because my site had automatically updated to the new WordPress 5.5, so anyone who is reading this: DO NOT UPDATE TO WORDPRESS 5.5 YET, it’ll prevent you from being able to use the visual editor when making a new post.

I’m going to try reinstalling the Patreon plugins now that I’ve rolled back to the previous version of WordPress and see if that makes any difference.

Reinstalled the duplicate photo fixed version of the plugin and it is still duplicate the image of the last post that was imported. I even changed the setting to NO for syncing posts from Patreon and it continues to duplicate. How in the world am I supposed to use this plugin?

Seems like a lot happened.

  • The duplicate image fix is not from Patron Pro, but from Patreon WordPress. Deactivate/delete existing Patreon WordPress and then upload/activate the new package in the relevant thread.

  • WP 5.5 has some situation going on with jQuery compatibility mode, causing various plugins (non Patreon) to have issues with them. There are various fixes for it, including a plugin:

  • If there is an already started post import, that post import must complete. Else, you will keep seeing the import next batch button. Re-enabling post import and allowing posts to import and complete, then disabling post import would work.

  • The new duplicate image fix will cause a whole new import of images just once. Then it should not cause any duplicate imports. So, after doing a full import with images with the new branch, you can delete the old images that were imported and that should do it. Or rather, just delete all the images imported from Patreon, then start a new post import so plugin will sort all out.

1.6.5 is out and it contains the duplicate image fix. When you do a full import next time with update posts setting on, images will be re-imported once and then it will not occur again.