Images Syncing Multiple Copies

I’m running version Version 1.6.1 of Patreon Wordpress plugin on a new install of WordPress 5.4.2.

The WordPress site is
I’ve set it to sync with my Patreon account at

Thankfully it is a new campaign, because both the images on the Patreon posts are syncing a new copy every time. My hard drive will fill up if this is not taken care of. The posts come across fine. The images are getting copied again ad again.


Are these images which have been inserted to more than one post at Patreon? Ie, the same image is inserted to Post 1, and then Post 3 etc?

Nope. Each exists in only one Patreon post.

It seems to not recognize that it already has the image in WordPress and copies it again.

Do you have any image related plugins? Any plugin that renames images, auto creates thumbnails, CDN etc?

I do not. Here is the comp[lete plugins list. (This is brand new site, only a few days old.)

Does your site use any CDN? Ie at the domain level - like Cloudflare?

Nope. It is Centos, WHM/cPanel/WordPress. The machine is hosted with Rackspace Cloud. I even tried turning off all the other plugins and turning the sync back on. The images are repeating again.

I just had an idea. In WordPress, there is an option (Settings -> Media) to “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders”. Could WordPress be moving the images and the Patreon plugin thinks they got deleted and need to be re-uploaded every time it checks?

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It seems to have worked…

If the images are moved after they are entered in the media library, yes, this could happen. Good to hear that turning it off worked.

Ill look into this for future releases.

I think it is a newer feature in WordPress. Definitely something to note and perhaps work around. If the plugin looks in /uploads then it won’t find it. But if it follows the link in the post, it should get the correct path. Till than people should turn off the feature.

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