Force to copy all posts into wordpress

Don’t ask me why but after successfully importing all the posts from patreon into wordpress I decided I wanted to import them into a different category and as I’m not very experienced in wordpress I thought the best idea would be to disable the syncing of posts in the plugin, delete all the local posts in wordpress and then do it again.

Unfortunately after

  1. disconnecting the patreon site in the plugin
  2. deleting previously imported posts and images
  3. reconnecting the patreon site in the plugin
  4. selecting the right category to import into
  5. triggering an import all from the plugin settings

It actually imported the two new articles I published recently only.
None of the previously imported articles were imported again.
Is there a way to flush the state of this plugin to start a clean import from scratch?

Have you deleted all posts, and also emptied the trash?

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They were still in the bin.

After I posted this I found and restore them. Then I updated their category to the one I wanted.

I don’t know what it would have happened if I emptied the bin. I hope that wouldn’t have deleted the actual patreon posts? That’s what an actual sync would do…but it would have been a disaster. hopefully deletions operate one way only!

The posts at your WP site are WP posts. If you delete them there is no effect at Patreon.

As long as those posts are in trash, the plugin will consider those posts as synced from Patreon, and wont re-sync them. So you have to delete them, then set a category, then re-sync all.

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