Linking Wordpress accounts

I’ve noticed I have users with an account on my Wordpress Site as well as a new account created through a Patreon login.

I’ve seen a box on the user profile that’s labeled “Your Patreon User” but can’t seem to get it to do anything.

I know my users can link their own accounts, but is there a way for me to manually do it for them from the administrator side?

Currently a manual way to link accounts as an admin is not an implemented feature.

If the users want to link their existing WP account to their Patreon, they need to log into their WP account first, and then log in / unlock via Patreon. This would link the existing account.

If they log in / unlock via Patreon before logging into WP and there isnt an already linked account from before, they get a new account created for them.

Such users can log out of your WP site, then log into your WP site via their old WP login and pass, and then try logging in/ / unlocking via Patreon to link that account to their Patreon.

Thanks for letting me know. It would be helpful if that’s a feature that can get added in down the road. For the new accounts created with generic names (i.e. “patreon38728”), will there be any impact to their service if I change the username after the account has been created?

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That shouldnt affect anything. The link to Patreon account is saved in a meta. You can change the username without any issue.