What happens when existing users connect their Patreon?

Hey everyone,
can someone help me to understand Patron PRO plugin flow in terms of existing users?

I have many existing users that will buy a Patreon subscription and create a new account on Patreon.com

If they use the same email that is registered on my site, their existing account will be linked to their Patreon’s one, I suppose. And if they log in via mail (not using the “Patreon connect” button) they will still be counted as Patreon’s subscribers.

What about existing users that will open a Patreon account with a different email?
I suppose the plugin will create a new account on my site for those, and they will end up having 2 accounts.

Is there a smart way to solve this, and if not… what is the best manual intervention to do?


The login flow for all plugins is the same.

In the specific case of a patron having different emails at Patreon and your site, the patron must have logged into your WP site before logging in via Patreon to link his or her account. If not, the plugin will create a new account for the patron by using his Patreon email.

There is no way to know whether two totally different emails may belong to the same user without the user taking action to link the accounts.

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I found out that there is also a plugin for merging user accounts, I guess I can use that in those cases where users end up with 2 accounts.

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