Log-in Questions


I am developing a site with paywalled features. This plug-in seems like it will work, however I’d like to confirm how it will work before proceeding.

  1. Can I set it up so users can only log into my site with Patreon? And if so, what information (if any) will my site store. ie. will patreon email address be stored in a database on my site by default, or is it some tokenised approach? Ideally on my side less data is more!

  2. Assuming that my users can log-in with Patreon, will they be kept logged in? Ideally a cookie would keep logged in for 5-14 days or something.

If it works like the above, then this is perfect and I only wish I came across it sooner. Thanks in advance!

It will store the user’s Patreon ID as their username. For example patreon_12345678, first name and second name, profile picture from Patreon. Email is not stored.

Not sure about the cookies, hopefully @codebard will advise.

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Excellent, that sounds promising as a start.

Would be keen to know if users would be kept logged in, or if there’s a way of achieving that- maybe it comes under the “pro” plugin?

2 - Yes. They would stay logged in up to one month.

Awesome stuff thank you!

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I can’t code, but I can follow directions.

I have Paid Memberships Pro installed but I haven’t dived into it yet so maybe the answer is part of that?

I want to make my site so people can only log in via Patreon. How can I do this? I haven’t found any setting or way to modify the login page without another plugin.


If you turn off logging in at your WP site via normal WP settings, people should be able to sign in/register to your site only via Patreon.