Keep Users Logged In


Two things I’d like to get clarified:
1- Users are able to log-in with Patreon- but the cookie expiry is only for the session, not for the 30 days as expected.

2- One workaround I have is that users can log-in using other means, and then connect their patreon to that account. Supposing they do this, and continue to use other methods to log-in, while they ever have to reconnect with patreon? Or is it a case that the plug-in verifies the status of their membership regardless (once it links the account to patreon).

Any ideas?

1 - The Patreon session would last as long as the token validity on Patreon side. This is around a month. You can extend it by refreshing the token. If your site’s sessions are shorter, then you would need to extend the session length to suit your needs.

2 - If you keep refreshing the token, no they wont have to re-auth via Patreon again.

But user tokens are not automatically refreshed while using the plugins. So your users would need to re-auth every time their token expires. If you want to avoid that, you will need to add some code to your site to refresh the tokens regularly.

Thanks, managed to get it sorted out in the end! Thank you for the great plugin

One other question by the way, is “Patreon_Wordpress::getUserPatronage()” always going to be in my local currency? I’d like to do a conditional check but don’t want to accidentally lock out people with a different currency

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Yes, it will be in your campaign currency.