How Does the Wordpress Plugin Work With Mobile Apps

Just plunked down for Buddyboss and seriously considering the app, but it is unclear to me if the Patreon Wordpress Plugin login with Patreon button would work with a Wordpress site that was turned into an app. Thank you.

I dont know how Buddyboss works so I cant say something definite. However if the site respects the_content filter and does not bypass it, it should work.

Thank you. One more question please.

Is there any problem with us pulling the Patreaon generated username and password off of the Wordpress database and giving it to the member to log in? If they end there Patreon subscription will it paywall them even if they have the credentials from the database ? Thank you again.

No, there isnt, as long as that person owns that user account. They could do that at your site by requesting a password reset anyway.