Does my WP site need both the Patreon app and the WP Paid Members Pro?

I’ve just installed the Wordpress for Patreon app on my site and I need help figuring out if I need to uninstall or disable Wordpress Paid Membership Pro, or if I just leave it.

I’m unsure if, now that I’ve installed the Patreon app, my users will need to continue to create a site account, in addition to their Patreon tier subscription, or if it should only be a Patreon login.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Paid Memberships Pro is not needed for Patreon WordPress. But if you have subscribers from PMP that have not moved to Patreon, you can use both at the same time so that all your subscribers and patrons can access the same content.

If you want only registrations through Patreon, then you should disable normal WP registration. If you also want people to only log in through Patreon and disable normal WP user/password login instead, then you will need to get Patron Plugin Pro and use its ‘login lock’ feature. It allows only patrons to be able to log into your website. Patron Plugin Pro is a premium Patreon plugin that also includes all functionality of the free one.

Ok awesome! Thanks so much for answering my question :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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