Using Patreon in conjunction with Paid Memberships Pro

I have a large database of existing (paid) subscribers using PaidMembershipsPro. PaidMembershipsPro is causing a lot of administrative issues and I’m looking at moving to Patreon. My issue is that the site offers free subscriptions to a small subset of subscribers, and I need to continue that functionality. Free accounts are currently setup manually, and will continue to be setup manually.

Is it possible to restrict posts and only show to existing subscribers (both free and paid) and Patreon supporters?

What WordPress hook should I use?

I downloaded the Patreon plugin and did some reading. Happy to see that PMP works with Patreon. This means I’ll be able to continue legacy members alongside Patreon supporters :slight_smile:

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Yes you can definitely use PW for that purpose. If you wish, you can also continue using PMP as well. The guide for using both is below:

Thanks @codebard. I’ve read (and even commented) on the guide already. I’m having an issue where only the Patreon login box is showing when I have restricted a page using both PMP and Patreon. Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.20.41 am

When I disable Patreon the PMP login screen shows. Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.27.04 am

How can I hook into Patreon to show a login option for legacy website members? Looking through the plugin I can see the campaign banner is built in patreon_frontend.php I’d like to modify some of these statements in my custom theme.

note to self, use the override_interface_template function documented in Patreon WordPress Filters

only the Patreon login box is showing when I have restricted a page using both PMP and Patreon

Yes that is by design. We should put an alternate ‘Unlock with other membership’ link to login.

And yes you can use the filter to add a login link.

@codebard It would greatly improve UX and CX if there is a way to display a login form and some explainer text to legacy PMP members. Currently these members arrive at a locked page and there is no indication where they should login. This hinders ability to switch to Patreon from PMP.

My wishlist:

  • Add extra text underneath Patreon login button to direct legacy PMP members to login via wp_login_form()
  • Add wp_login_form() under this text
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is this issue resolved in the Patreon Plugin Pro addon?

I see that the Pro addon gives ability to mark WordPress users as VIP Patrons. How do these VIP Patrons log into the site if they don’t have a corresponding Patreon login?

~ Edit: I’m specifically asking how users login at the post lock screen as currently the Patreon login button is the only login option shown

From what I was told by codebard, it has been solved and is easy. They login like any Wordpress user would log in and since they are VIP they have access to all Patron posts. Lol. I hope

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You might be misunderstanding the UX issue I am facing.

I have no doubt that once a legacy PMP user is logged in they will be able to view all Patreon pages. The issue is how to provide them with an unobtrusive login form at the lock screen.

I have users that have been happily paying for site access via PMP for six months. They are used to arriving at a gated page and seeing the WordPress login form (this is how PMP works). Once new memberships are switched to Patreon I will need to accommodate these legacy users in addition to Patrons. I want to do this by outputting the WordPress login form underneath the login with Patreon button.

Yes, I understand that users can go to /wp-admin and log in. Yes, I am aware I can place a login form in the header or footer. These solutions do not work as I want the login to be as visible as possible without confusing newer Patrons.

You mean you want your subscribers to arrive at a Wordpress sign in screen that also has a log in with Patreon button?

Right? That’s all you need?

Patron Pro’s VIP and Custom $ level features allow you to give access to any WP user without them having any relation to Patreon.

But they do not effect your desired interface change.