Patreon WordPress is now compatible with Paid Memberships Pro

With version 1.5.0, Patreon WordPress is now compatible with Paid Memberships Pro. If you had PMP pro before, you can just install Patreon WordPress and have your patrons easily unlock content gated with PMP without needing to do anything else. It will just work out of the box.

It also works the other way - PW gated content can be unlocked by a qualifying member from matching PMP tier assigned to any post/content.

You can also gate posts/content with both plugins at the same time, and any user from any qualifying Patreon pledge or PMP tier can unlock the content.

Current compatibility logic works over monthly PMP memberships and monthly Patreon membrships. Some details are below:

  • Paid Memberships Pro gated content can be unlocked via Patreon if user has qualifying pledge level that matches PMP gated content
  • Patreon gated content can be unlocked by a matching PMP membership level
  • Content gated by both PW and PMP can be unlocked by qualifying pledge from Patreon that matches the Patreon pledge
  • Content gated by both PW and PMP can be unlocked by qualifying tier membership from PMP that matches the PMP tier

In future compatibility over PMP memberships based on one-time payment and Patreon lifetime total pledge may be added.

You can just upgrade to 1.5.0 from your WP admin, or download it below at its WP org repository page.

@codebard Hey all, just wanted a quick clarification on the wording above. Am I to understand that having PMP and connecting it to the Pro plugin will allow the same content to be unlocked via a Patreon membership or a PMP membership?

Say I have a page on my Wordpress site that I want to lock for $1 Patreons and I also (for whatever reason) want to assign that same page to be viewed by a subscriber of my site who is NOT a Patreon, I can do that?

Impressive if true!

To clarify: You dont have to connect anything in the two plugins - it will just work out of the box.

Other than that - yeah, indeed you can have your users unlock content with either of the plugins.

Patreon locked content can be unlocked by PMP member which qualifies for a matching subscription $ level.

PMP content can be unlocked by Patreon patron that has a pledge that matches the PMP tier level.

More potential compatibility is possible - like matching one time payments of PMP to Patreon’s total historical pledge. But for later releases likely…

Impressive if true!


WOW! Thanks for the answer and I will be checking into it for sure!


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I’m having trouble with it picking up my material and showing it in PMP. How can I get help on this? The PMP people said since it was developed by the Patreon side I was to contact this group.

Is your PMP content gated with monthly recurring $ amount?

I’m having trouble with this integration. I have a $5 level at Patreon and a $5 level at PMP. I have to lock the post for both plugins in order for them both to work. If I lock for Patreon but don’t check the equivalent box for PMP, PMP subscribers can’t access it.

Only Patreon can unlock:

Both can unlock:

For PMP users to have access to Patreon gated content, the user must have a PMP membership that is monthly and its value must match the Patreon value (or tier $ value) with which you locked that post.

Is it the case for that PMP member?

Yes. If I lock a $5 post for both Patreon and PMP, I can log in as a $5 PMP member and access the post. If I only lock it for Patreon, I can’t.

Ok I’ll look into is and update this thread within this week.

Confirmed and fixed. Fix will go out inside next week, but until then you can use this temporary updated package:

You can download the updated package above, deactivate/delete your existing Patreon WordPress 1.5.5 and upload and activate the new package. This should fix your issue. Please let me know if anything is amiss.

When PW 1.5.6 goes out, you can just update to it.

Did the package above fix your issue?

No, it didn’t. If I have PMP checked, Patreon users can’t get in no matter what they do. I’ve gone through the process several times and they just keep getting told they have to be members, even when I’ve confirmed they’re logged in to Patreon.

Now, is the tier which you have chosen for the PMP gating a monthly recurring tier?

Yes, I have a $5 Patreon tier and a $5 PMP tier, both are monthly recurring. I have the respective boxes checked for both in the content.

Thank you. Ill re-check and update this thread later.

Crap… I didn’t read your post on the type of patreon compatibility you were able to implement so far.

My patreon account only bills in months that I make a ‘paid’ post, which is every other month.

How long until your plugin can cover my usage?

Have you had a WP site with Paid Memberships Pro from before and later integrated Patreon Wordpress to add Patreon too?

No I just launched a site with PMPro as before I hadn’t protected by files. I saw that they had compatibility through your development work and figured I could do that for my 75 patrons after finishing my 475 now pmpro users got in.

Well, general file locking is on the horizon for near future releases of Patreon Wordpress. That could suit your use case.

How does per-creation locking work with your files or PMP over your PMP users in your current setup? The existing 475 PMP users - how do they get access to per-creation file posting format?