How to restrict an entire custom post type on Wordpress?

I want to give access to an entire Wordpress custom post type (several categories and posts) to my Patreons subscribers.
From what I understand, the Patreon Wordpress plugin only allow to restrict single posts, not entire custom post types.

But I see that there is an integration with the Paid Membership PRO plugin, which instead allows restricting entire custom post types.

What I don’t understand is how the 2 integrate. For instance, if I create a Paid Membership PRO tier to restrict access to an entire custom post type section in Wordpress, will my Patreon subscribers be able to access that section automatically?

I hope I was able to explain this issue, can someone give me some more input about it?

I already read through this post Patreon WordPress is now compatible with Paid Memberships Pro
but could’n find a clear answer.


I guess one solution would be to use this more advanced plugin instead

I just found it and it has an option to lock entire custom post types

Yes, Patron Pro allows you to lock entire post types including custom post types, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies in one go.

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That’s great. Can I also restrict a custom post type category along with all its child categories?
I have also sent you a more detailed question from your website, I think could probably need some paid customization for my needs…

When you restrict the top category, all its children should be restricted too.

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