Patreon Wordpress locking not working with custom post type

I’m using the Pods plugin for Wordpress to create custom post types. I’ve tried setting Patreon post locking for an individual custom post type (in this case: Comic Page) as well as using the Patron Pro plugin to lock the last X Comic Page posts (I’ve tried locking the last 1 post of that type, if that matters).

When I use Chrome incognito mode to navigate to that post, it displays without prompting me to login to Patreon. It just displays the post as normal.

As a control, when I create a test post of the default “Post” type (ie: just a vanilla Wordpress post, not a custom post type) and lock that with the Patreon Wordpress plugin, it works as intended. The post is locked when viewed without logging into Patreon.

Are there known conflicts with the Pods plugin specifically or custom post types in general? I’ve done some reading on this and couldn’t find this specific issue reported previously. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

This generally means that the plugin which you are using for custom post type does not use the_content filter when displaying its posts. This causes the locking mechanism to be circumvented.

This has been encountered before with different plugins and rarely with some themes.

the_content is an important filter which should be applied when displaying posts. You may contact the plugin’s support and ask them whether the plugin is applying the filter or not.

If the plugin is not applying the filter, or it is not applying it because it uses an audio player to put the podcast out, then you may fix that by using the custom locking code below. This allows you to lock anything in your website:

The downside is that, when you lock a part of your site with this code, it will always lock the content with the same $ value you set in the code.