All posts locked on 1.2.0

I had a post scheduled today for $10 patrons. After it posted, I checked to site to discover that all of my posts were now locked for $10 patrons. From the admin login, the lock notes look fine. It was only after loaded the site without being logged in that I saw all my posts locked.

This is the first time that I’ve posted Patron content since 1.2.0

Everything is up to date.

This seems like a serious bug to me. Is anyone else having this problem?

I cant reproduce this on a fresh test install.

Its possible that you have a site-wide $ level set in patreon settings. Or, if you have Patron Pro, you may have set an advanced locking rule for that post type in Patron Pro settings. A rule like ‘Lock all posts after X days’ etc will lock all such posts after X days pass from the time of their posting, for example.

I verified that I hadn’t entered anything into the site-wide field. I’m not using any of the advanced post locking features.

As a test, I re-added the $10 minimum for the post and it locked every post again. They all unlocked when I set it back to 0.

Could there be a conflict with one of my plugins? I only have a few installed.

As a further experiment, I locked a post from a couple days ago. Doing so locked all posts before that one, but not those that came after it.

The one post that I locked before 1.2.0 behaved normally.

I’d be happy to provide any information that might help track down the errant behavior. I’d like for this functionality to work for me.

I wasnt able to replicate any of these behaviors by testing with old 1.1.2 and then upgrading to 1.2.0. There is definitely something curious at your site. I would check out any plugins you have which modify post meta.

I was able to replicate something like this for post listings - despite posts are not locked, if a post after an unlocked post is locked, it may show up as locked.

Im going to check into this in these next few days. Its possible we issue a patch for this issue soon.

Please deactivate/delete your existing 1.2.0, and upload, install and activate the below new package. This is 1.2.0, but includes the potential upcoming fix for this issue.

Please let us know if this fixes your problem.

To follow up here (as we have the same issue), the actual form inputs on both the post editor and for the entire site lock are marked as “readonly”, so the values can’t be changed:

e.g. < input type=“text” id=“patreon-level” name=“patreon-level” value readonly >

We managed to fix this by simply refreshing the client tokens in the Patreon API, then adding the updated info to the API Settings in Wordpress. Very easy in the end but some sort of error message would’ve been helpful.

@ricdva Are you using 1.2.0 ?

And, do you also have the ‘all post appear locked in post listings’ issue?

That seems to have fixed it for me. Thank you so much for all of the help!

I assume that I can leave this version of the plugin installed and it will update normally?

Thanks again!

Great to hear. Just let us know if you spot any anomaly.

You can leave this version yes, since this fix will be included in 1.2.1. When you see that an update is available, just update it and thats it.