Patron upgraded pledge and lost access to all posts

I have a patron who was pledging $2. When she was pledging $2, she was able to access all $2 posts on my Wordpress site. This month, she upgraded her pledge to $5. Now, she can no longer view locked posts through my Wordpress site.

She CAN see:
-both $2 and $5 posts on Patreon
-both $2 and $5 channels on my Discord server

She CAN’T see:
-Any locked posts ($1, $2, $5) on my Wordpress site

She’s disconnected the Wordpress site and then tried reconnecting, both through the “connect to Patreon” and “log in with Patreon” buttons, but neither one is restoring her access.

In my Patron Manager, her pledge status is listed as “pending,” even though both her $2 and $3 October payments are listed as “paid.” I thought that might be part of the issue, but I don’t know. I instructed her to contact Patreon support on her end, but I’m also checking here since this issue is solely affecting her access to the Wordpress website and not Patreon directly. I could understand why it might take longer for her to access $5 posts, but I don’t understand why she lost access to $2 posts.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This may be a caching situation at your site. If you have any caching plugins, refresh your cache. Also if you set your caching plugin to aggressive settings, it might cache pages for logged in users. You must adjust the settings accordingly. I recommend WP Super Cache which is pretty easily configured and which is non aggressive.

Also server side caching at your host may also affect this. You may want to talk with your host as well.

Thanks for the reply. This issue ended up semi-resolving through other means before I was able to test this. (The patron’s payment status updated to “paid” on Patreon, and I also gave her manual website access, so she’s not eager to fiddle with the Patreon connection at the moment.)

I don’t have caching plugins and the host had actually disabled server-side caching due to a previous issue, but I cleared the cache manually anyway. If this problem comes up again, I’ll be sure to check that first. Thanks again.

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