Patron Plugin Pro - Posts going from Patreon locked to public

Using Patreon Plugin Pro, and having trouble with locking some content. In the advanced locking section, I had it set as “Show this post after (X) days”, set it that it will show these posts to anyone 1 day after being published, and set the minimum value to currently see posts at $5.

Shouldn’t that, one day after being published, change it from locked for $5 Patrons and above, to public for everybody? Unless it’s worded weirdly, that’s what I thought. I can’t even remove the locking to a post that I thought was going to do this, despite removing the advanced locking. Any help would be great!

It should indeed work as you describe. If it doesnt, there is a situation on your site or its a bug.

Please post a support ticket at CodeBard site so we can look into this. You can get premium support for Patron Pro there.

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