[BUG] "Unlock with Patreon" X "Refresh to access this content"

Hi there. This question is related to my tests I explained in this post. I believe this is a bug report, so I’ll try to keep it short.

I have a test patreon user who pledged to my campaign in March. Paid in front. The membership was cancelled today as a test, but its status for this month is still valid meaning all $10 posts in my Patreon creator page are visible to that user.

In my wordpress page, I have a locked post. For this specific test, I disabled “Require an active pledge at the time of this post’s creation to view this post. (optional)” and “Require a lifetime pledge amount greater than this amount to view this post. (optional)”. The only option selected is the first one (“Require the below membership tier or higher to view this post.”) and is set to $10.

If that user tries to unlock that WP post by clicking “UNLOCK WITH PATREON” button, it is redirected to a page that shows “Complete your monthly payment to {Creator name}”. The page is mostly blank and nothing happens. There are errors in the browser console. Please see attached image for details.

On the other hand, clicking “Refresh to access this content” works, meaning the user can unlock the post.

This is a huge issue for patrons that has valid subscription at the moment, but that decided to cancel the membership. This is more common that one may think. A lot of people pledge, get charged and then cancels the membership right away to make sure they won’t be charged next month.

The “UNLOCK WITH PATREON” button is shinning and draws a lot of attention. My supporters are more likely to click that button than the small “Refresh to access this content” link.

Expected behavior: “UNLOCK WITH PATREON” should validate the patron access as “Refresh to access this content” does.

Can you try the same procedure in a different browser than what you are using? Lets see if this is browser specific.

The problem happens in any browser (tested Chrome, Firefox and Edge) and also on mobile (Android Chrome and iOS Safari).