Require active membership at post date

According to this post, the option “Require active membership at post date” “require the user to have been a patron at the date or before your content was posted”.

I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding how the feature operates, but it is not working as I’m expecting. Allow me to elaborate.

I have a test Patreon user that pledged to my campaign (beginning of March, charged in front enabled). That user successfully pledged for March.

As a test, I went to Patreon’s subscriptions and cancelled the membership, so there isn’t any “Active Membership” enabled at the moment for that user. However, as the user was charged in front, the status is “Supported Period March 2020 $10.00 Complete”. So, even if the membership was cancelled today, the user still can see any patron-only post (in the Patreon creator page) as expected.

In my wordpress page, I have a locked post published at 2020/03/25.

Now, the problem I’m facing is: if “Require active membership at post date” option is enabled on that WP post, that test user can’t unlock the post no matter what. Both “Login with Patreon” and “Refresh to access this content” options fails (no errors in the browser’s console).

The user in question had a valid active membership at WP post date (2020/03/25), but it is still unable to unlock the post. Is this a bug, or am I totally misunderstanding how “Require active membership at post date” options works?


Plugin version: 1.5.2
Wordpress: 5.3.2

If a user has already paid for the current month, his/her status as patron should continue until the end of that payment period.

If the user re-pledges again after s/he canceled, membership start date would update to the new date and then the user would not qualify.

But since re-pledge did not happen, user is still a patron until the already paid period expires.

This test user hasn’t re-pledge for this month, and the WP post date is prior to the user subscription cancellation. As you said, the user is a valid patron until the end of this month.
So, is this a bug with “Require active membership at post date” option?

No, user having access to all the content which s/he had access to within a given paid month is the desired behavior. The user is still a valid patron like before until the end of the month. If user is able to access content from start of next month and on, then that may be a problem.

I’m honestly confused.
My test user can’t unlock the WP post when “Require active membership at post date” is enabled.
The user cancelled subscription but it is still a valid member until the end of this month.
WP post date is 2020/03/25 (yyy/mm/dd).
The test user is a valid member, and the WP post date is March. Shouldn’t that user be able to unlock the post?

The user should be able to unlock the post in that case, but it seems like something is occurring on Patreon side, unrelated to the plugin. I will try to reproduce this tomorrow and i will post the results.

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