Pledge active at time of post not working


my homepage is finally up and running for real and a good portion is working, but I’m having problems with the “Require a pledge active at the time of this post’s creation to view this post.” - checkbox.

For example, I’ve got a post published on 31.01.2023, it’s set to 5$ required pledge and the checkbox
is checked on. (There also is a lifetime pledge amount set).

I now have a patron who is a member since Nov 2022 without any interruptions and we tested it out
→ He can not unlock this page, even though he had an active pledge (even higher than the 5$) at
the time of the post.

I’ve also created a test account for myself and created a new post. I can access the post if I do not check the box, but I can not if the checkbox is checked. (Even though my Test account has pledged before the publish date of said test post). [There is no lifetime support set for this test post]

→ So, question: Is this functionality broken in general right now, or am I doing something wrong?

The post’s creation date is taken as the base, not publication date. Try checking whether its because of that.

1.) There is only one date when I look at a post in my WordPress, and that’s the published date. So, I do not know how to have a look at the creation date.

2.) However I created my Test Post newly today, so even if the creation date is taken, it’s not working.