"Require a lifetime pledge amount greater than this amount to view this post" functionality isn't working

Hi there, the title is self-explanatory. I have a page on my website that I have locked to $10 Patrons and above, though I also want to give access to my long time $5 Patrons (current lifetime pledge threshold set at $24). However, it seems that these specific Patrons are still unable to access this page, and instead are being taken to the check out page for the $10 tier. Any solutions?

Page in question: https://crinacle.com/graphs/graphtool/premium/

That feature cannot go active without the users having already logged into your site via Patreon since your site cant recognize a non-logged in user as a valid patron. Therefore it would attempt to put them into pledge flow as unrecognized visitors.

You can solve this by providing a login with patreon button (only login) using shortcode [patreon_login_button] .

But indeed this does seem to be a common issue. We will look into this and find a way to allow qualifying patrons to just refresh the post for later releases.

Is there a way to incorporate this login button into the gated page? Currently only the “Unlock with Patreon” button is showing.

You may try to put it as a widget to sidebar for the time being. Or add to your theme using do_shortcode.

Better would be to wait what we are going to release to fix this situation in 1-2 weeks.

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