Feature Request: Lifetime Rewards unlock

Hello, I was asking about the feature via the Patreon Pro support ticket system and after some back and forth they asked if I would post it here. Their feeling was it was better handled here than there.

This is the situation I would like to setup with the Patreon (Pro?) plugin.

I was wondering about the way the lifetime pledge amount works. In short my question is can I setup this exact situation below:

A. Lifetime pledge of $100 dollars (example amount)
B. Is also a CURRENT patron

A. Lifetime pledge of $100 dollars (example amount)
B. Is NOT A CURRENT patron

Is the above situation possible? I see variations that seem to grant lifetime pledges super access at ANY but don’t see an example for making the above a case.

Right now the lifetime pledge overrides all and I was wondering if that override could be turned off so it could work in conjunction with other features instead of ignoring them. The idea here is I can setup a situation where longtime lifetime Patreons still contributing rank a little higher than someone who is not even on the Patreon anymore.

Does this make sense?

Thank you!

PS and for the record I was having this conversation via the Patreon Pro Support ticket system and they suggested I move it here.

Yes, because these relevant features are Patreon WordPress features, this forum is more proper for this feature request.

I will bring this thread to the attention of the team.

@codebard Hey there. It’s been a while since I dropped in to check on this.

Was there any traction or movement on this idea? I am still hoping to see it happen if possible!

Thank you so much!

There is a chance that a lifetime-pledge-only locking feature may be looked at in the next 1-2. months, for the free plugin.

If we implement it, then what you described above could be possible, but would require some modification - probably with the Pro plugin.

Well @codebard, I am a Pro Plugin user so I would imagine it could go the Pro to Free route as well. Personally, I don’t mind either way as I would find it EXTREMELY helpful.

This is likely doable via the Pro plugin. I will look into this for future releases.

@codebard Thank you so much! That would be a really nice thing for me! Ideally there are other people who could make use of it.

Personally on my Patreon this would be a HUGE improvement over the way lifetime things are rewarded. I don’t mean to say it’s bad but I am looking for a variation of that lifetime reward that keeps people in the “Patreon” community.

Thank you again and look forward to any news!


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