Patreons aren't able to access rewards on Wordpress

So, my Patreons are saying that while they can log in with the Patreon Pro plugin and access free stuff they are being told they cannot access their own pledge level. For instance a $5 month person cannot access the $5 month art.

I check the plugin and notices the API keys were not synced with the Patreon keys on the application page at Specifically the creator tokens (the access one) had changed.

I re-inputted all the data and synced it all up. All seemed fine except I came back later today and the same token had AGAIN changed.

Is that normal? I am assuming all the tokens must match for the plugin to work correct?

Yes tokens must be up to date.

Did the tokens change in your Patron Pro or Patreon WordPress settings page? Or, did they change at Patreon (ie, token got expired or changed there etc)

Apologies for the delays. Here’s what I was able to find.

It looks like the tokens (at least one) on the Patreon side expired. At least that is what I recall. I think it said Expired or something like that. What I did was remake the keys and then pasted them into the Wordpress side. Everything worked after that.

So keys can just expire after time? Or was that because I upgraded the Pro Plugin version. I mention this since it seemed to happen about that time.

Yes, keys expire over time - for now they need to be occasionally refreshed. And no, it doesnt have anything to do with Pro plugin.