Question: Building a post Archive of the last year


I’m trying to build an archive of my past posts on Patreon in the following way:

I was going to create posts in Wordpress and set their publish date back to when the contents of that post were released on Patreon. Then I was hoping that only patrons who had a membership at that date can view said post when I set the checkbox in the Patreon plugin. But I’ve got a disturbing answer in another thread here where I was told that the Patreon Plugin ignores the Publish date but uses the creation date? → So, if I do that, everyone who is currently a patron will have access to my posts, because they are created today, and the publish date set to a year ago is ignored?

→ Is what I had planned possible with the Patreon Plugin? And if not, would it be possible with Pro?

If you make new posts in your WP site, no matter what you do, those posts will have a new creation date and new publication date.

With Pro you could use content drip to set a historic $ pledge amount the users must fulfill to be able to access the post. So if a post must be available to someone who has been a patron from $5 tier for 5 months, if you set content drip amount to $25, that would do it. But a $25/month patron who has been a patron for a month could also access it.

Pitty there is no way of setting the creation date in my word press, or you using the publish date :C

Your example would already be realizable with the basic life-support function, but it’s not what I had in mind.
So, I guess I give up on that feature.

The potential date bug will be looked into for the subsequent releases. But I cant give an eta at the moment.