Not possible to use the pledge level box when creating new posts in Wordpress

I’ve been trying to post a post on my WordPress site, but the pledge level box is greyed out and won’t work. I’ve rechecked tokens and they are all correct. I’ve even refreshed the tokens and still got issues.

I’ve posted successfully in the past and the existing posts with Patreon levels are working correctly.

Any suggestions on how I might fix this issue?

Thanks for the help.

Any idea on this? It’s making it tricky for me to integrate the Patreon campaign with my website. :frowning:

Hi there! Are you seeing any errors on the page or in the wordpress admin console other than the pledge level box being grayed out?

Nope, not now. Just the greyed out box. That’s what’s puzzling me. I’ve double and triple checked the codes, copied and pasted them to be sure there are no mistakes.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again.



Checking if you have any expired tokens may help.

Well, after all that it seems my Creators page was deactivated somehow. Not something I did, not had any email it had been deactivated. Reactivated and the plugin is working as normal. So I guess it was kind of to do with expiration… just not the tokens… :smiley:

Thanks again for all the help.



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