Unlock post or change Patreon level value

Can anyone help – how do I unlock a post, or change the value of the Patreon tier level on a post?

When in my WP post editor I can’t seem to change the value of the figure I originally entered.

I can change from 0 to say $1, but once that’s done I can’t change the $1 value back to zero, or increase it to a higher level.

Many thanks


That’s quite curious. Does the lock level input box gray out?

Yes, it looks partially greyed out - values can be selected with cursor but can’t be changed.

Update: Just realised your plugin isn’t the one I’m using - my bad, apologies! If I purchase your plugin pro, deactivate the free one I’m using, and activate yours, should everything go smoothly? I only ask because I’m crap at understanding code!

I like the look of yours because I can partially hide content.

Sorry again for the mix-up.

Grayed out box means that the plugin is unable to receive your creator id, or any of your access tokens in Patreon client details is wrong. You should check and confirm those.

If the free version you are using is the one below, everything should work normally. You wouldnt need to buy the Pro one:

If your version of plugin is a much older version, then you would need to upgrade to the one above (or go pro) for it to work. Either option will require you to uninstall/delete your old plugin and install the new one. This may cause you to lose any modifications if you have made any.

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