Patreon WordPress Tier-based post locking beta feature is available

We are providing upcoming Tier-based post locking and Tier-based locked interface text features of the Patreon WordPress plugin to interested creators for testing.

This beta is based on existing 1.2.4, with just this feature added.

The highlights are:

  • Now you can lock your posts according to your tiers using the new tier select box when locking posts


  • Your tiers’ names will be used if you have named your tiers
  • Existing $ amount input box moved to Advanced setting toggle
  • Your existing posts locked by using the existing $ amount box will automatically work with the new tier selector
  • amount input box can still be used to overwrite the tier amount with a precise $ amount
  • Locked interface text in locked posts now also contain a link to your Patreon profile
  • Locked interface text in locked posts now tells the membership Tier required to unlock your content instead of the $ level
  • Your tier info is automatically pulled and updated from Patreon whenever you edit a post

To install the this beta, just deactivate+delete your existing Patreon WordPress, and upload and activate the package below:

Your settings, info, locked posts will all stay the same.

When you install, the version will show 1.2.4. This will allow you to upgrade it easily from your plugin admin, later when 1.2.5 is actually released.

To revert back to 1.2.4 without this feature, you can just deactivate/delete the this beta package you installed, and just install 1.2.4 from your plugin admin via WP org repository.

This is not yet made compatible with Patron Pro. If you use Patron Pro with this feature, locking and everything will work, but the locked posts will not show your relevant tier level. Instead it will show the $ amount like in earlier version.

Any feedback and questions welcome!

This is super rad, thanks Code Bard! Did you get my email regarding customization of tier-locking? This here is so close to what i want to do, but the extra specs i sent you would make it perfect. Let me know if there’s possibility & an estimate in the works. Thanks so much!


Sorry Pip, a decent number of emails about come to Codebard site on such topics. Which email did you use, can you forward it to me? Or can you summarize the contents here?

Hello, thanks for the reply!

Here’s a copy of the email (sent to on April 17) Looking forward to hearing about possibilities!


Well, i cant see any email included in the post, or my DMs here, or any forwarded email to contact@codebard…

Can you just c/p the email text, without including any private or sensitive information?

Super weird. I did that. In that same reply. I’ll try again…

Maybe the text was too big? Whoknows. Just forwarded to contact@codebard as well as reply to the “Ozgur Zeren” patreon developers address.

Replied via your email at

Beta package updated. Updated package link is in the first post, as well as below:

Additionally, if any of you using the beta so far, please let us know by posting in this topic.