Locked content on Wordpress issues (many!)

I have locked a page on my Wordpress site (hosted with Wordpress).

Issue 1
The page correctly says:
" To view this content, you must be a member of Healthy Harmony Patreon.

However when you click the Healthy Harmony Patreon link. It just refreshes the page. Out doesn’t actually go anywhere.

Link is Body Mind & Soul Transformation – Healthy-Harmony

Issue 2
When I click unlock with Patreon it takes me to a custom pledge page on Patreon for $5 which isn’t one of my tiers, so anyone that does that wouldn’t qualify for anything.

Issue 3
When I log in with Patreon and click unlock or refresh, I get asked for the Authorisation and then get returned to the exact same locked page. I signed up with a new account today, so that should work right??

Not much use if this is totally broken…

Using Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107
Enable strict oAuth

Enable image locking features

Make entire site Patron-only with Pledge Level

Enable Login with Patreon

Allow Admins/Editors to ‘Login with Patreon’ Button

Hide ‘Login with Patreon’ Button

Custom Patreon Page name
SET (god knows what it was using when this was blank)

Prevent caching of gated content

Currency sign

Sync Patreon posts

Auto publish public posts

Auto publish patron only posts

Override imported post publish dates

Update local posts from the ones at Patreon

Delete local posts when Patreon post is deleted

Set featured image from imported images

Issue 1

There may be some plugin or JS that intervenes with the links at your page.

Issue 2

You can try gating that post for an exact tier.

Issue 3

You may have caching plugins or server-side caching at your host that still serves old version of pages to users even when they log in. You must check their settings and make sure that doesnt happen.