Integrating Tiers into Membership Options on Wordpress

When a visitor on my Wordpress site clicks the Unlock with Patreon button, they are taken to Patreon, however, they are not shown the different tiers to choose from. Instead, they are only show the minimum $5 tier. How can I set it up so that they will be given a choice of all tiers on that page?

Thanks in advance!

Bill Hood

Hi Bill.

Normally the plugin should send the visitor to the tier which you gated your content from.

Ie, if you gated your tier for your $5 content, it should send users to that tier. If $10, it should be 10.

If a specific tier is not linked, then it should send them to the minimum tier.

Yes, I understand how it is working at the moment. What I was asking is if there is a way to allow the viewer to see all of the tiers and make their own choice, rather than only the single tier.



For the unlock flow currently, no - since the user is supposed to have unlocked the content if s/he starts from your unlocked content, it sends them to the gated tier at the minimum.

If we sent them directly to the profile or allowed a selection of different tiers, a visitor trying to unlock a $10 content could select a $5 tier and then end up not being able to unlock the content when s/he returned to your site.

You could embed links to your profile to have your users go to your profile if you wish. Manually, or through a widget.

Also the button and widget plugin helps do this easily. If you have Patron Pro, you should already have it. If not, you can install button and widget plugin for free from your WP admin

On my website, I have a page for my Patrons. This page is locked to anyone not a patron. Below the Become a Patron button, is content that is not visible until they log in as a patron or sign up with Patreon. Once they log in or sign up, they see a list of available content that is available at all Tier Levels. If they click on a content link that is above their current tier, it will ask them to increase their tier basis to be able to view the content. Of course, using your plugin, I can make each product available at a different tier, and this will protect the content from those with a lower tier subscription.

I suppose that sending them to my Creator Page is the only option to meet my expectations at this point.



Indeed the best way may be using either the official free Patreon WordPress to lock your posts individually, or use Patron Pro to lock post types or parts inside your posts. The Button and Widgets plugin that comes in the package can take care of sending your visitors to your Patreon profile via the buttons it adds to your ungated posts and also sidebar widgets.

The thing with sending users to all tier levels is that they wont automatically return to your content at your site after subscribing. PW uses a specific login flow to make that happen. We currently do not have a flow that sends users to tiers page and then back to your content, so that cant be done with the plugins right now.

I have the same problem, my publications have a minimum level, but when you click on the unlocked part appears that minimum level, the problem is that new subscribers access that level and that level is a limited level and that level is already complete.

and if I change the limit to the level that remains free, the users of the minimum level can no longer access it.

so I would like the link to send my customers to the choice of level, and then they manually return to my worpress.

Unlocked part? Are you using Patron Pro?

of course. This is the code I use

[ppp_patron_only level=“5” silent=“no”]

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Please remember that you can post a support ticket at Codebard site for anything related to Patron Pro.

but when you click on the unlocked part appears that minimum level, the problem is that new subscribers access that level and that level is a limited level and that level is already complete.

It seems like you have a specific patron-only content format in which you time your content.

Currently there isnt a mechanic to effect that in the detail you describe in any Patreon plugin. However, you may use the ‘Active patrons only’ option in Patreon Level metabox’es advanced locking section to gate your entire content for patrons who were active when you posted that content. This will gate entire post of course.

Patron Pro’s partial gating does not have this feature yet.

I am supposed to make a duplicate of all the content of my website and make two versions. one for patreon to assets and one for visitors

I bought the pro version, just for that. I could have continued with the free version.

A code type similar to

[ppp_patron_only level=“Any Patron” silent=“no”]

and the button appears
instead of appearing

to link directly to login with patreon instead of a membership level

Now those two buttons serve entirely different purposes.

Become a Patron does not gate anything - it only sends your visitors to your Patreon profile. Its purpose is to be present on non-gated posts and provide a means to send your visitors to Patreon. When someone uses that button, they will just end up at your Patreon profile and… that’s it. Nothing else will particularly happen.

However Unlock button comes with the shortcode you used, and it does lock content. It will take your visitor/user to Patreon, have him or her login, pledge, and then it will bring the user back to your content, which is now unlocked. It will work for everyone.