"Unlock with Patreon" button links to wrong tier price

On my website the tier is displayed correctly. But the “Unlock with Patreon” button sends people to the wrong tier. How can I correct that?

How are your tiers? Is one of them $2 and the other $20 at Patreon?

I am having this problem as well. I have the posts set to unlock at the $5 tier but when you click the “unlock with patreon” button - it takes them to the $2 tier. We have already had two patrons have to upgrade their membership.

Yes, one tier is 19.90 - that’s the one it should link too. But it links to the wrong 2$ tier. Both tiers exist on my Patreon page.

If you lock the post for anything under 19.90, it will send the user to the next cheapest tier, which is $2. Try locking it for $19.90 tier.

My tiers are:

I locked the post by choosing the 19.90 tier in the Dropdown menu, but the unlock button links to the 2$ tier. Something is wrong.

Please take a look at it again.

Are these your tiers in both campaigns?

I am not sure, how you mean that. I have only one campaign on Patreon. The tiers are the same on the WordPress plug-in and on my Patreon page.

So despite locking the post for the exact tier at your Patreon, it still goes to a lower tier?

Yes, that’s the problem. The content is locked to 19.90$, but the button links to 2$ tier.

This is exactly my problem as well. My tiers are as following:


I have two Patreon pages on a website, one for the $5 tier, the other for the $25 tier.

Signing up for the one at $5, you only have to pay $2. So I tried to set the $5-page to $10, but you still only have to pay $2. Even for the $25 page, you only have to pay $2. So there is something very wrong with the plugin, or whatever the issue is.

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I took a note of this. It will be checked when possible soon.

Is there an update on this issue?

Not at the moment. This issue is not reproducible in test accounts. It will have to be tracked over the reports, so it will take some time.

Any update on this? Experiencing the same issue. When clicking the unlock button, it defaults to the lowest tier instead of the tier assigned to the post.

Yes there is a fix pending for this.