Tier That People Are Automatically Assigned

For a new Patreon trying to signup why are they directed to a set value rather than having a choice of Tiers to pick from?

Note this is when being directed to Patreon from WordPress through the plugin.

The plugin would direct the new patron to the $ amount that is required to unlock a locked content. Ie, if you chose a $5 tier to lock that content, patron would be directed to a $5 tier. If $3, then a $3 tier etc.

If the new patron is just logging in via Patreon by using the login form, no pledge happens because that is just a social login feature. If the patron tries to unlock a gated content later, then s/he would be directed to relevant tier for that content again.

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I set my posts to Any Patreon so Iā€™d have thought that they would get the option to join any tier

Any patron would send them to $1 tier. Much better if you set your content to whatever tier you want it to be unlocked from.

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