Wordpress plugin takes me to custom pledge, not my own tier

Hello dear community!

We have a problem with our Patreon WordPress integration.

We direct our users to our website, where, after clicking on the Patreon checkout button, they are supposed to be directed to our €7 tier checkout page.

Here is the problem. Upon clicking the checkout link in our website, If the user does not have a prior Patreon account, they will be redirected to a “custom pledge” of €5 (which is apparently the minimum pledge amount?). The bigger problem is that this does not grant our users access to the locked content on our WordPress website.
However, if we instruct our users to first create a Patreon account, and then proceed to our website and click on the Patreon checkout button, then they are taken to the correct tier, the €7 tier checkout page.

Is there a way that we can create a flow in which, the user, without a prior Patreon account, clicks the Patreon checkout button on or website, is redirected to Patreon, wherein he creates a new user, is then forwarded to the €7 tier checkout page, and upon successful payment data entry, is directed back to our website with a new WordPress login?

This would require changes at Patreon side, its not something we can do from the plugin.